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If you have any questions, doubts or general inquiries regarding Wake Up World! don’t hesitate to contact us at any of our two regional offices in Buenos Aires and New York:

Si Ud. tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud respecto de Wake Up World! por favor no dude en contactarnos a cualquiera de nuestras oficinas regionales en Buenos Aires y New York.


Fundación Wake Up World!

Monasterio 411 3ºA

Vte.López, Provincia de Bs.As (C1638)


+54 (11) 4871-3035




Wake Up World! Foundation

192 Lexington Avenue

2nd Floor, Suite #2025

New York, N.Y., #10016

Tel (212) 461 – 4800

Fax (212 802 – 1401




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The Wake Up World! Foundation is a non governmental, non profit, development organization (NGDO) created in 2006 with the purpose of supporting actively the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) declared by the United Nations in September of 2000. Through the collaboration, implementation and dissemination of multisectorial cooperation projects for the advancement of these goals, the Foundation aims at contributing to efforts carried out on a wide range of development issues.

The Wake Up World! Foundation’s main fields of action are:

- To promote worldwide research on development issues regarding basic education, economy and globalization, human rights, public policy and social progress
- To provide the latest news and information on MDG related activities both locally and across the Americas
- To create participatory multisectorial cooperation Networks with other foundations, associations, the Private Sector and Non Governmental Development Organizations for the implementation of projects and initiatives aimed at achieving the Millennium Goals in Latin America and the Caribbean
- To bring technical support and assistance to individuals and groups that share our institutional goals and objectives without distinction or discrimination of any kind
- To foster public access and education on individual and collective rights through capacity training and regional exchange programmes