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If you have any questions, doubts or general inquiries regarding Wake Up World! don’t hesitate to contact us at any of our two regional offices in Buenos Aires and New York:

Si Ud. tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud respecto de Wake Up World! por favor no dude en contactarnos a cualquiera de nuestras oficinas regionales en Buenos Aires y New York.


Fundación Wake Up World!

Monasterio 411 3ºA

Vte.López, Provincia de Bs.As (C1638)


+54 (11) 4871-3035




Wake Up World! Foundation

192 Lexington Avenue

2nd Floor, Suite #2025

New York, N.Y., #10016

Tel (212) 461 – 4800

Fax (212 802 – 1401




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'We The People' for The Global Goals
WUW! Art Auction in Nwy York

Wake Up World itinerant art auction around the world. This time: New York.


Próxima campaña de WUW!

Si quiero un cielo nuevo, empiezo yo primero / If I want a new sky, I’ll start myself building one

WUW! participó en la Cumbre de Líderes del Pacto Mundial de la ONU

La Fudación Wake Up World! participó de dicha Cumbre en calidad de miembro del Pacto Global. Además participaron, entre otros, el Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas, Ban Ki Moon; el alcalde de Nueva York, Michael Bloomberg; los CEOs de Coca Cola, de Monsanto, Nokia, Microsoft, Los Grobo; representantes de espacios académicos como el Harvard Business School y líderes de la sociedad civil, como Amnistía Internacional.


WUW! estuvo en la edición 2010 de las 500 Millas del Norte

En la cena de premiación habló la presidente de WUW! y posteriormente se realizó la subasta de un reloj donado por Chopard y la camiseta de Enzo Francescoli autografiada.


August 19 - World Humanitarian Day





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Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Iranian Mother, could be put to death at any moment August 9: Fate of Sakineh to be handed down this week – hanging likely; President Lula’s offer of amnesty flatly refused by Iranian leadership.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43 year old mother of two, was convicted in May 2006 of having an “illicit relationship” with two men and received 99 lashes as her sentence. Despite already having been punished, she has now been further convicted of “adultery” and she and sentenced to death by stoning.


WuW! New York Art Auction

Wake Up World itinerant art auction around the world. This time: New York.


The Itinerant Native and Contemporary Latin American Art Auction


You are cordially invited to the itinerant exhibition of contemporary artist Rey Peña´s artwork in benefit of the Wake Up World! Foundation, that will be held between the 9th and 13th of September at the Shanghai Art Fair, 13th Edition 2009.

In September, the Native and Contemporary Art Auction will participate in the SHANGHAI ART FAIR, as the largest international Asian trade art exhibition is launched on September 9th with the support of the Government of Shanghai(http://www.cnarts.net/sartfair/2009). 

The Emergency Aid Campaign

Wake Up World! is organizing the second chapter of the Emergency Aid Campaign following the national food support initiative carried forward in December of 2008 in support of the indigenous Wichí and Toba communities that are currently suffering the worst consequences of extreme poverty, hunger and lack of access to basic health and sanitation services. This new campaign is a follow-up activity aimed at giving continuity to previous efforts that managed to mobilize more that 20 private corporations, Civil Society organizations, humanitarian aid groups and voluntary workers involved in the MDG Multisectorial Cooperation Network.